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Vertical Blinds - Blackout PVC Easy Clean

Pvc black out easy clean vertical blinds

These fantastic blackout vertical blinds uk are nothing short of exceptional turning day into night, blocking out direct sunlight these are an excellent choice for a room where intense strong sunlight presents a problem for example the bedroom or bathroom where privacy is important as there will be no silhouette.

Silica, Metz, Unilux, Nikka and Toro range have a colour matching coating on the rear side of the fabric, these quality PVC fabrics are water proof with easy clean properties so are an ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

These fabrics are also available in the roller blackout blinds range for a co-ordinated look. All these vertical blinds at fantastic prices and made to measure with free delivery.

Unilux White Verical Blind
Unilux White
Make a Blind
Cream Unilux Vertical Blind
Unilux Cream
Make a Blind
Butter Unilux Vertical Blind, Easy Clean
Unilux Butter
Make a Blind
Linen Unilux Vertical Blind
Unilux Linen
Make a Blind
Grey Unilux
Unilux Grey
Make a Blind
Lilac Unilux PVC louvers
Unilux Lilac
Make a Blind
Powder Blue Unilux
Unilux Powder Blue
Make a Blind
Butter Cup Unilux
Unilux Butter Cup
Make a Blind
Topaz Unilux Vertical Blind
Unilux Topaz
Make a Blind
Surf Unilux Pvc Vertical
Unilux Surf
Make a Blind
Blue vertical blind
Unilux Marine
Make a Blind
Red brown Aster blind
Unilux Aster
Make a Blind